Karen Nyamu: One Of My Exes Asked Me To Stop Wearing Wigs

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has disclosed that one of her exes asked her to stop wearing wigs as he did not like them.

While sharing an old video of herself addressing a rally in Mombasa, Nyamu looked back at how she had to get rid of wigs because her man disliked them.

“This is a few years back at a political rally in Mombasa. Kabla nikutane na ka mtu kakaniambia vile kanachukia wigs nikazitupa mbali hahaha wacha tu nicheke sababu siwezi lia,” she wrote.

Karen Nyamu

Her followers quickly threw Samidoh’s name in the mix and she swiftly responded to their comments.

“Woi Karen wetu naukaskiza kapsaa?” asked one netizen. “Na nikaandika chini mahali,” responded Nyamu.

The politician emphasized on autonomy, even in dating, calling for a sober approach especially when your partner dislikes something you do or put on.

“Seriously kuna watu wanaambianga mtu awachane na kitu na unawacha pls stop it. You should never and that’s not what I am encouraging.

“My ex only said hapendi na pia mimi nikawacha kupenda…but you need to be free when dating. Very important.”

Asked whether she would go back to the guy in question, Nyamu was adamant that she wouldn’t.

In December 2022, Nyamu said she had ended her relationship with Samidoh, admitting that she might have erred in how she conducted herself at a Dubai club during the singer’s concert.

“Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping this pattern,” wrote Nyamu.

In November, Nyamu, while responding to a fan on social media, boldly declared that Samidoh is worth fighting for.

The pair, who have a child together, started going out in 2019 and Nyamu previously stated that she did not know the singer was married.

She further added that Samidoh told her his wife knew of the affair which led to the birth of their son in December 2020.

“I don’t think I confused Samidoh. We met at a political event that he was performing at, and we became friends. I didn’t know Samidoh was married because he was not even wearing a ring,” she said at the time.

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