Karen Nyamu Hopes Daughter Takes After Her “Looks and Character” And Not Samidoh’s

Politician Karen Nyamu, who gave birth a few weeks ago has been busy juggling between campaigns and motherhood.

The mother of three is vying for the Nairobi senatorial seat and she’s hopeful she’ll beat her opponents come August 9.

The vocal politician’s first child was sired by DJ Saint Kevin and they are successfully co-parenting.

Karen Nyamu

Her second (Sam Jnr) and third (Njeri) born children were fathered by Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki but rumour has it they are not on good terms of late.

Nyamu shared a video of her seven year old daughter saying she was her father’s photocopy and prayed her thirdborn kid takes after her and not Samidoh.

“This one is 100% her dad. Genes have no loyalty. I’m hoping at least Njeri takes after me, looks and character,” she said.

Her post elicited, mixed reactions and messages from fans include:

felicity_steve wrote:

“Karen wewe na uchokozi.”

bobomachari said:

“Character apana akii mama Njeri looks nisawa basi uko msupuu.hapo kwa character tumekataa.”

frida_karanja commented:

“I hope atakaa samidoh. So polite, humble and likeable!”

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