Karen Nyamu Endorses Samidoh To Replace Mzee Kibor

Kenyans woke up to the sad news that businessman Kibor was dead.

He died on Wednesday in a hospital bed in Uasin Gishu where he was receiving treatment.

He was famously known as chairman of the Men’s conference as he advocated and fought for the boychild.

Among those who sent in their tributes message was politician Karen Nyamu who celebrated the late.

In her condolence message on her social media, the mother of three described Kibor as a man many people loved for his humour and interesting personal life.

“Men’s conference chairman Mr Jackson Kibor is no more. I have received the news of his passing with great sadness. He is a man we all loved for his humour and interesting personal life.”

Karen then paused a question on who Kenyans think should take Kibor’s position endorsing her baby daddy Mugiithi singer Samidoh.

“Go well General wa boy child. Rest In Peace. Sasa mnaona hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijatata Samidoh.”

Samidoh who is in his early 30’s has five known children and according to those who commented on Karen’s post, he qualifies to be the ‘Men Kenya Seed Company’.

Here are the comments;

“Wambùi Ndungu:

Rest in peace chairman ..Samido is the chairman of MEN KENYA SEED COMPANY LIMITED.”

CK Njuguna:

May he rest in peace.The position of CHAIRMAN does not entertain a vacuum. We have therefore appointed ANDREW KIBE to be Interim Chairman until we find a substantive Chairman.”

Purity Shiro:

And Samidoh was just chilling then boom Rest in peace chairman.”

Kibor has 26 children and married four wives, divorced two and one died.

He later married Yunita who is half his age.

In a past interview with the star, Kibor complained that the two women he divorced mistreated him.

“Even though they were my wives, they really disturbed me, abandoning me to struggle alone, even denying me my conjugal rights and ganging up with my children to disinherit me by illegally taking over some of my assets and selling them off,” he said.

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