Kanambo: I Was Impregnated And Dumped While Still In High School

Upcoming Kenyan rapper, Kanambo Quincher, has opened up on the joys and challenges of being a mum at 17.

Speaking during an interview on Mambo TV, the mother of one said,

‘I am the firstborn in a family of two girls. It (Teen pregnancy) was not easy but time healed me. I would never advise any girl to abort a pregnancy. Today I can proudly say I am a mum.”


At the time she was living in Kayole. She got pregnant in form 1.

Speaking on how she felt after her daughter got pregnant while still in school, Kanambo’s mum shared,

“It stressed me and I was not happy. As a parent, you don’t expect such things but it had already happened, I just prayed to God to give her a safe delivery. I talked to her to come back home but she was adamant but she finally decided to.”

In her debut song ‘Walahi’, Kanambo says she got pregnant only to be left high and dry by her baby daddy.

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