Kanairo! Kanairo! KRG’s Ex-wife Spotted Partying With Mbogi Genje Manager (video)

KRG the Don is having nightmares this week. It seems that his ex-wife Lynn might be dating the manager of the rap group, Mbogi Genje.

This was revealed in a recent video posted by the manager who calls himself, Elvis Makutsa.

In the WhatsApp status, Elvis and Linah can be seen cozying up to each other at an unnamed club. Both look to be in the ‘zone’ with Ghetto even giving Linah a peck on the cheek, with his caption reading, ‘Believe.”

In the next status, Ghetto then puts up a still image of the beautiful Linah with the being a loveheart.

If the two are indeed dating it would be a real blow to KRG’s ego as he and the Mbogi Genje crew had beef a few weeks ago.


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(KRG and the group had engaged in a back and forth over a collaboration they had done together. The group felt that it wasn’t right that KRG had released their collabo song without their consent.)

That Linah has decided to date one of KRG’s enemies shows how bad things have gotten between the ex-couple. She doesn’t even care about the optics of it and I can’t really blame her.

KRG himself has made Linah’s unbearable the past few months with constant personal attacks on the mother of his two kids. I think that this might be her attempt at showing him the middle finger.

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