Kamene Narrates How She Furnished Her Ex’s House And It Still Ended In Premium Tears

Kamene Goro has spent money on men she loves. During the Kiss FM breakfast, she said she is that lady who is always ready to spend her money on him.

Obinna asked Kamene what is the best thing she has bought for men who loved her.

She said one of the biggest things he has ever done to a man is by buying furniture for his house.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Kamene, however, regrets doing so, and even wishes that she can take her things back.

“I have done many things. There was an ex of mine who I furnished their house. I am so silly. I bought everything in that house, lamp, carpet, chairs but looking back, that was very foolish,” she said.

“I feel like I to send movers to go pick my things. Anyway, let the woman he is dating right now since she must be going through so much right now under that man.”

Kamene said if a woman does not spend money on a man then she doesn’t love him.

Asked if she would recommend a lady to spoil her man, Kamene said;

“Yeah she should. There is one thing as women we miss out and that is that we don’t appreciate them. Show him a bit of appreciation. Buy him lunch, credit, buy him the drink.”

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