Kamene Gives Ultimatums So As To Work With Obinna

Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro has listed her expectations on working with Oga Obinna.

According to Kamene, there are a few things Obinna has to consider doing if he is selected to be her co-host in the Morning Kiss show.

In an interview, Kamene said;

“It is very enjoyable working with him, he is very professional. But there are still a few things here and there. He needs to understand how to talk to ladies…I think he is not used to talking to important ladies.”

Kamene Goro And Obinna

Oga Obinna went ahead to list some of Kamene Goro’s expectations of him, which she affirmed.

“Kamene wants me to open the door, close the door, compliment her when she walks in..bring her coffee, remember her birthday, organize for Valentine’s,” he said.

Kamene told the comedian that she needed to be treated well so as to give him her best in the show.

Obinna affirmed that he needs more money to win Kamene Goro’s approval.

“I am learning…and you just need money, when you have money everything else falls in place. I need to get a machine, I don’t want to carry her in a harrier, how now?” he posed.

Comedians Oga Obinna and Dr Ofweneke have been co-hosting the Morning Kiss show on different days.


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