Kamene Flaunts Engagement Ring, Confirms She’s Engaged (Video)

Radio presenter Kamene Goro has finally confirmed that she’s taken. The curvy & gorgeous Kiss FM presenter shared through a recent interview that she’s engaged to a man; whom she doesn’t want to disclose his identity.

Last year October, Kamene flaunted an engagement ring that suggested the latter; roping in questions on whether she was really taken.

The Radio queen has now confirmed about her engagement; but she claims she’s not engaged to be married.

”… But I’m not engaged to be married. As for the details, I wish Kenya was more welcoming to people’s lives. People want to be a part of your life but for the wrong reasons… I’m just not ready for the drama that comes with it… I’m not a celebrity.”

Kamene Goro's Engagement Ring
Kamene Goro’s Engagement Ring

She continued to state that she has seen so many people cry because of putting their relationship online.

”Nimeona wasee wengi wakicrush and burn… It’s a very sad toxic space that if I can save myself from, I would love to.”

Kamene also added that her man is not a celebrity and lives a private life.

Source: Ghafla

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