Kalekye Mumo Reveals Why She Is Struggling To Find A Husband

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Media personality Kalekye Mumo has attributed her failure to get married to her status as an empowered woman in society.

She made these remarks in a candid conversation on NTV detailing ‘What men really want’.

“As an empowered woman, as a woman who has worked hard, who has been seen to do many things, it has been difficult for me to date,” she opened up.

“I am still single because there’s that notion that you’re now a woman who cannot listen, will not help, whereas the reality is if I’ve worked hard and I’m doing well, I should be able to help even more,” she added.

The 45-year old has enjoyed a relatively successful career as a media personality that includes stints as a presenter at KISS FM and K24 TV.

Her impressive resumes also involve experience garnered at Homeboyz radio and the Turkish embassy in Nairobi.

“As you meet this empowered woman, or are in the process with her as she gets empowered, are you preparing yourself for what that means?” she added, insisting that this particular aspect is important.

She has also worked at Rough Cuts, a sound production company, and Medeva TV as a sound engineer.

Her radio experience also involves working at Capital FM in Nairobi as a presenter.

In July 2016 she left her job at Kiss 100 to focus on her PR company. She is now known to practice private business and influencing.

Being a private woman, Kalekye has kept her personal life under wraps, and rarely posts photos on her social media suggesting she is in a relationship. She’s never made her dating life, if any, public but has always shared advice and opinions about dating and marriage.

“Ladies, stop compromising things you cannot live with because as you grow older, those are the things that you cannot hide. Be very honest about what you can take, and this is what I can deal with for the rest of my life,” she added.

Source: NairobiNews

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