Kajala’s Daughter Paula Insists She Would Rather Die Than Call Harmonize ‘Dad’

Paula has refused to accord Harmonize fatherly respect after he got back together with her mother Frida Kajala.

The 20-year-old didn’t approve of her mother’s reunion with the Bongo singer because he wanted to sleep with her.

Kajala dumped Harmonize in April 2021 after she caught him seducing Paula who was dating Rayvanny at that time.

Harmonize And Paula

The Bongo crooner wanted to have an affair with Paula and he tried wooing her with money and photos of his manhood.

Harmonize and Kajala got back together after the singer spent three months pleading with her to forgive him and take him back.

The mother of one ultimately forgave the singer after he bought her two Range Rover Evoque.She unblocked and refollowed him on Instagram.

Paula didn’t approve of her mother’s reunion with Harmonize. She ‘disowned’ her mom after she got back together with the Bongo singer.

The 20-year-old removed her mother’s photo from her profile picture on instagram and also deleted her name from her bio where she had indicated that she is the daughter of Kajala and P Funk Majani.

The lass came out to deny claims that she calls Harmonize ‘dad’ following the revelation that they (Kajala and Paula) have moved into the singer’s house.

Controversial Tanzanian media personality Mwijaku claimed that he visits Harmonize’s home often and that he has personally witnessed Paula calling Harmonize ‘dad’.

“Mimi naingia kila siku kwa Harmonize, Kajala anakuja Paula anakuja na anamuamkia Harmonize shikamoo baba. Mi sinakuanga sebuleni naangalia mpira, anamuamkia shikamoo daddy sababu anauzungu fulani. (Every day I visit Harmonize at home and I see Paula greeting the singer while referring to him as ‘dad’),” Mwijaku told journalists.

Paula said she would rather die than call Harmonize dad while responding to Mwijaku’s claims.

“Over my dead body,”

Paula captioned a video of Mwijaku claiming that she calls Harmonize dad.

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