Kajala Dating Kenyan Politician After Split With Harmonize

Bongo movie actress Fridah Masanja Kajala has recently made headlines with her revelation that she is currently dating a well-known Kenyan politician. This comes after her highly publicized split with Tanzanian musical star Harmonize, which occurred in October 2022, just a few months after their much-anticipated engagement.

In a recent interview, Kajala stated that she has moved on from her past relationship and is now with someone new from Kenya. Although she refused to reveal the name of her current partner, Kajala mentioned that he is a well-known politician and that she was hesitant to disclose much information about him.


During her trip to Kenya over the weekend, Kajala opened up about her split with Harmonize in an interview with Mambo Mseto. She revealed that the relationship was tumultuous, and she felt that Harmonize was not open with her and did not appreciate her. According to Kajala, the singer had taken her for granted, and their intimacy had become a bad habit.

Kajala explained that when someone becomes too used to you, they start taking you for granted, and this may have been the case with Harmonize. She also mentioned that she does not blame him for their breakup, as he is still young and may have needed space.

Despite giving Harmonize a second chance after their initial split, Kajala has expressed regret over getting back together with him. However, it seems that she has now found happiness with her new partner, who is a Kenyan politician.

As Kajala continues to keep her current relationship private, fans are left to wonder who the mystery man might be and what the future holds for the couple.

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