Julie Gichuru Receives PhD In Law From Canadian University

Kenyan journalist Julie Gichuru has been feted by Concordia University in Montreal Canada with a doctorate degree in law for her efforts in peacebuilding and the championing of African leadership.

The university praised her efforts in the reconciliation of the country after the 2007-2008 post-poll violence an initiative that saw her bag the Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness Award.

“Following Kenya’s electoral crisis in 2007–08, Gichuru conceptualized and hosted Fist to Five for Change, which facilitated peace and the healing process. Her initiative earned her a Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness Award,” read part of the statement by the university.

Julie Gichuru

The university further highlighted Gichuru’s successful series Greater Debaters Contest as well as the African Leadership Forum.

In the Great Debaters, high school students engaged in debates with the aim of encouraging diversity of opinions.

“Conceptualized, produced and hosted the syndicated Africa Leadership Dialogues and the Great Debaters Contest. The latter is a high school debate platform designed to teach students that differing opinions need not lead to conflict and violence,” the university wrote.

Currently, Gichuru leads Mastercard Foundation’s Corporate, Policy and Thought-leadership Strategy and Communications team.

Julie alongside one other African made the list of nine recipients who were honored by the university.

The mother of four has previously expressed her love for the transformation of the African continent.

“I am an afro-optimist. I am humbled at the opportunities to engage, and I recognise the responsibility that comes with this. I am challenged to make a positive difference in and for Africa – the continent of my birth, my home, where my heart is, Mama Africa. Start your journey. Whatever that might be. Claim it. Grasp it. Don’t stop. If you start, you will get somewhere,” Said Julie.

Source: Pulse

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