John Dumelo Dredges Gutters In Ayawaso To Save Residents From Floods [Photos]

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Parliamentary candidate for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, John Dumelo has begun dredging works to curtail imminent flooding during this rainy season.

The actor turned politician says he is keeping a promise he made to his people when he went to assess the discomfort.

According to him, “When it rains, here becomes flooded. It’s been flooding every single year. The people have complained that at least the gutter should be widened… If you look at the Christian Village bridge, it’s low and so when it rains, all the debris and everything collects and that’s how come the water levels here rise up.”

It’s very pathetic. When it rains people carry their mattresses, their TV sets just waiting for the water to come down. This is Ayawaso West and it’s not fair. I’m an action person; once I said I’ll do it; I’ll do it to be able to help the people.

To be honest, what we are doing today is not going to help the people 100% but it’s going to help them at least 30 or 40%,” he added.

Since John declared his intentions to run as a parliamentary candidate, he has assisted the constituency on countless occasions including paying fees for students who reside in the community, sharing of hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic and more.

Here are some photos of the dredging works.

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