Jalang’o Signs Contract To Retain His Job At Kiss FM Incase He Fails In Politics

Comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, on Wednesday, announced his official exit from Kiss FM as he looks forward to starting his political career.

Interestingly, he has revealed that his employers at Radio Africa were reluctant to let him go and  they made him sign a contract that will keep his job if he fails in politics.

“My boss has made me sign a contract that in case I do not win… I should not even apply for the job, I simply walk back and start working,” Jalang’o said.

Jalas and Kamene Goro
Jalas and Kamene Goro

Jalang’o further revealed that if he fails in the election and goes back to the station, he will resume his position as Kamene Goro’s co-host.

He said that though the offer is on the table, he would not wish to get back to radio. According to him, he would wish to venture into other things and leave the radio job for the upcoming hosts.

“My replacement can be accommodated even if it means he will be taken to a night show (if he gets back to Kiss FM). This is not, however, my option, I want to do something different and I want radio to be done by other people. In life, when you move you create space for other people,” he said.

The funnyman further revealed that there are a couple of comedians who have already lined up to take up his space as he moves out to try his luck in politics.

Some of those comedians include Dr Ofweneke, Oga Obinna, Mtu Mbili and Owago Nyiro.

Source: K24

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