Jalang’o Is Returning To Radio Africa Group Afterall

Comedy sensation Jalang’o has made his giant move known: that he is returning to where his broadcasting career began, Radio Africa Group.

According to Jalang’o he had a discussion that led to an agreement with Patrick Wako, the first person that gave him his first shot in the industry.

Speaking through his Bonga na Jalas YouTube channel, he revealed that he isn’t so sure what station he will land but is certain it will be within the Radio Africa parameters.


“I might end up on Waiyaki way. And there are so many radio stations there is NRG, Jambo, KISS, classic, will decide. But I had an amazing meeting with my friend and my boss, the first person who ever gave me the first ever radio contract. Patrick Wako. So take away NRG radio but I think I might end up where it all began, Radio Africa. Which radio? I still do not know,” Jalang’o revealed.

Jalas also boasts several radio gigs he has been offered since he exited Milele FM just about a week ago and turned down. Among them is KBC.


“I have had a call from now the eighth radio with the morning one today from KBC with the amazing Bonni Msambi and told me bro what is the plan, I need you to come we work together. I told him, Bonnie I am not coming, I am not coming. You already have an amazing show, go ahead do it,” he shared.


Speaking of his close friend and former co-host at Milele, Alex Mwakideu, Jalas says Mwakideu was so heartbroken that they wouldn’t be working together anymore.

He revealed that his former co-host had trouble running the show on emotional grounds.

In his words, Mwakideu literally cried.

“Mwakideu told me that it was the longest four hours of his life because he had to do the show alone. He cried,” added the presenter.

Jalang’o publicly announced his resignation at the station following a mass lay off at the firm that saw 100 employees fired via text messages at night.


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