Jalang’o: If You Want To Host An Event In Langata You Must Give Half The Jobs To Local Youth

Langata Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, stirred controversy on Monday when he issued a directive to event organizers planning to hold functions in his constituency.

In a tweet, Jalas stated that half of the workforce involved in these events should consist of Langata youth for them to receive approval. Additionally, he listed specific venues, emphasising the need to empower the youth in his constituency and provide them with opportunities for growth and development.

“New Guideline, if you are Hosting an event in Langata venues and you dont give our young people a chance to work at you event, that event will not happen! Carnivore, Uhuru Gardens, Nyayo Stadium, and any other venue in Langata!

“50% of jobs must be from Langata Youths!” he wrote.


The post, however, elicited mixed reactions from Twitter users who told Jalas he was overstepping his mandate.

Some argued that erecting tents and setting up sound needs some degree of expertise thus such jobs cannot be given to random youth in the name of elevating them.

He was also reminded that some of the places he mentioned are privately owned and the owners are at liberty to hire the people they want.

Dennis Chege: Surely Jalas you can do a better communication. This sounds ill intend and a call to chaos during the next immediate event. What is 50% of work? Most planners need technicians for sound and lighting, the tents they have need some specialized skill to erect them etc

Clayton Ng’ambwa: Does he forget that some of the places he mentioned i.e Carnivore is privately owned and operated. Events going to these locations are private and privately sourced. These are not Langata constituency CDF events to dictate that jobs have to be 50% outsourced and to Youths in the constituency! Anyway he has just created a loss making journey for the venues…. Watajitetea wenyewe. Other constituencies will reap big on events.

A few weeks after beginning his role as MP, Jalas said he had quit hosting club events as he was focused on his new legislative role.

While addressing a number of questions that were posed to him by his followers, the media personality, however, said he would still do advertisements and would empower young people in concept development and film.

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