Jalang’o hits backs after ‘Lewa’ hitmaker publicly calls out Kiss FM for discriminating the Gengetone group

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Kiss FM has been accused of discriminating popular Gengetone group Wanati who are responsible for the latest hit song Lewa.

An anthem playing in alost all clubs in Nairobi, and judging from the views on the video; we can agree Kenya is a drinking nation – and there is no debate about that either.

Anyway so one of the Wanati members indentified as Parroty Vunulu has come out blasting Kiss FM for allegedly discriminating at their studios.

According to the fella, Kiss FM called them to avail themselves at the studios for an interview; but after arriving they were denied access to the studio.

This is apparently because they only wanted the ‘big fish’ Mejja and not them. Through his page, the young man wrote;

“I can’t believe our Kenyan media are still discriminating 254 artists. Just imagine @kiss100kenya called us for a radio interview at 8:45am only to get there with @itskabagazi and @oneboy_01 and the producer told us they only want @mejjagenge ati sisi hawatutambui, Very disappointed by Kiss Fm. Kidole cha kati.”

Seeing the post make rounds on social media, Jalang’o who is one of the morning hosts went on to respond by explaining the situation to the Lewa hit makers.

According to the media personality, the Wanati booking team booked Mejja and not them for the interview. However they chose to complicate the situation after being told not to go in as a group due to the preventive measures taken to help stop the spread of Covid 19.

The radio presenter responded by writing;

“@Parroty buda wewe pia utawacha hizoo…your booking team booked Mejja not you and the team. Nyinyi kufika kiss mkaambiwa bas mtu moja aiingie juu ya Covid rules za kiss… 1 guest… mkasema kama hamuingii wote interview ikae…sasa unaenda kutukanana.. wacha hizo.”

Jalas parroty
Jalas parroty

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