Jalang’o Denies Claims He Refused To Give Othuol Ksh15k For Treatment

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Following stand-up comedian Othuol Othuol’s demise, his last messages with friends and family emerged, among them, a screenshot of his last plea to a friend who never answered his urgent call.

Something that pointed fingers at Jalang’o for allegedly neglecting a good friend and fellow comedian when he needed him most.

As seen in the screenshot, Othuol had indicated he was still unwell and would be going back to Kenyatta National hospital for a 2nd MRI and would need financial assistance of about KSh15k for the same.

“I will appreciate ile kidogo utaweza kunitumia,” concluded his message.

screenshot Othuol
screenshot Othuol

The person on the other end however only got to see the message after news of Othuol’s passing on, went viral. Something that has left a bitter taste among Kenyans.

Word reached the media personality soon enough, bashing the minds behind the allegations, wondering what he ever did to the person who had decided he was the one who denied Othuol KSh15k.

“You see nowadays am so used to being associated with anything. I woke up and saw a blog’s headline that shocked me. Woow…do you know how you sit somewhere and wonder what you ever did to people?” Jalas posed.

“They always look for how to bring you down. But am used to it now and it doesn’t bother me anymore,” he continued.

Spilling details of several fund raisers they had as comedians, led by Sandra Dacha, even before Othuol’s passing on. So how someone had the audacity to allege that Jalas denied the ailing comedian 15k left him in shock.

“But if you decide to associate me with the screen shot who am I to change your thoughts?,” questioned Jalang’o.

Because for him, his life with Othuol will never change, having been the first person to build Othuol into the brand he became until his demise.

To the extent that Othuol Othuol decided to have a green suit like Jalango’s just to express his gratitude.

“Othuol’s death is soo sad. It hurts to the core. We did what we could. You might not understand for now!” he wrapped up his post.



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