It’s Spilling The Beans Season! Mulamwah Reveals How Sonnie Tried To Abort While 3 Months Pregnant

You’ve probably been keeping an eye on Mulamwah & Carrol Sonie’s story that has been trending all over blogs. And it’s hard to fathom who is really telling the truth between the two.

From what we know now is Mulamwah separated with his ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie while she was still pregnant.

A few hours ago, Mulamwah took to his Insta stories to chop it up with his fans; and he divulged that he is being denied access to his 6 months old daughter Keilah Oyando.


The allegations were however, countered by Carrol; who shared her side of the story.

New details are emerging from the little that we knew. First of all, we weren’t sure of the exact cause of their break-up; since they were both cryptic in their message.

But Mulamwah has now put everything in black and white. The jester posted a video on his Instagram; spewing information about his alleged daughter and why he moved on.

”Manze sisi wanaume huonekana wabaya sana kwa izi mambo za relationship. Mnajua mama yake alikuwa amemtoa kweli? At 3 months. Alikuwa ameshameza pills. Mimi nimegundua too late that she was doing that. Nimeenda hospitali nimetumia mapesa sijui ngapi ku sustain hio pregnancy to term… We keep quiet to protect quite a lot…”

Mulamwah also went ahead to state that he found out Carrol went to hospital to get family planning with another man. This is probably the main reason for their fallout.

Sonnie Blasts Mulamwah After Explosive Interview


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