It Will Cost You KSh 850k To Book Diana Marua For An Event

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Singer and producer Kevin Bahati has revealed that it will cost event managers and promoters KSh 850,000 to book his wife Diana Maru for a performance.

Speaking to Mpasho News, Bahati added that as much as the protege has only released one song, Hatutaachana, she already has four songs complete with videos.

According to him, EMB Records, the recording label he owns and which Diana is signed to, made an executive decision to release only one for the time being to test the market.

“A normal appearance when she is called to appear as a vlogger is KSh 500,000, so the management rated her at around KSh 850,000 per show,” Bahati announced.

The Barua singer also weighed in on the manner in which the newest rapper in town has been received by the public, advising her to do what she believes in without caring what people say.

His sentiments come in the wake of sharp criticism from the public after Diana released her debut single a few days ago.

Hours into the release, her would-be fans asked her to stay off the music industry as she was not cut to be a singer.

Most of them argued that she has built a better brand as a product influencer and vlogger, therefore, doing lurid videos will taint the image.

Others were adamant that she is not talented enough when it comes to music, and that she shouldn’t force herself because her husband is an artist.

“Not happy for you Diana, you could have continued on what you were doing before it ain’t a good picture to view such,” said Dorcas Nekesa.

“She is not blessed with a voice, she’s singing like she’s just talking. Who said if your husband is an artist then you should sing too?” added Jaber Atieno.

All eyes are now on which direction the singer’s music will take, and how she will manage to balance singing, product influencing, and vlogging.

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