It Ends In Premium Tears As Jowie Breaks Up With Lover Eleanor

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Jowie Irungu and his girlfriend Eleanor Musambi aka Ella have called it quits after dating for nearly a year.

This comes as a surprise to many as the two who confirmed to be married, just a month Jowie’s release on a KSh 2 million bail back in February 2020.

Ella revealed the relationship ended way back in December 2020, during an online chat with blogger Edgar Obare.

The mother of one said the relationship ended both professionally and personally and that Jowie had changed a lot hence she did not want to be tied to his life story.


She said the two were never legally married and it was a lie to protect the crime suspect for legal reasons to enable him to stay in Nairobi as his permanent place of residence.

This helped Jowie to avoid going to stay with his patents in Nakuru which was his only option and so she was someone that the courts knew she lived with.

She also noted she lied about him being a father to her daughter to avoid scrutiny in case he was seen with her in public.

Source: Tuko

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