Is Baby Number 3 On The Way For Size 8 & DJ Mo? It Looks Like It

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Whatever is going on between DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn keeps getting juicer by the day.

The couple that was hit by a heavy storm barely weeks ago that nearly saw their marriage split, is only bonding the more, with a marriage that seems too strong to break, after recent developments.

Still in their 7th wedding anniversary mood, the gospel DJ treated his light skin babe and mother to his 2 children to an exclusive yacht ride by the coast, in a romantic-filled event.

The couple, fully dressed in all-white attire, looks like young lovebirds still in their honeymoon stage, spoiling each other with love and laughter.

For DJ Mo, the cheating scandals had only strengthened their marriage and with such a supportive and strong-willed woman by his side, it is only fair that he gives her the best life has to offer.

And for sure, Size 8 could not get enough of it.

The inside covered up in comfy leather seats, complete with a bedroom for the two and a sitting area.

The fascinating bit of it is when the cheeky DJ leads his wife into the bedroom area before declaring to the camera, that it is high time they had baby number 3.

“Lazima tutafute mtoto wa tatu,” he announced.

Meanwhile, an excited Size 8 reborn who was busy surveying the yacht, was not aware of what had just gone down.

It was all love confessions between the two, making promises to forever remain faithful, respect, love and cherish each other. So will Size 8 agree to have baby number 3?

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