No Chills Over Here! “He left because of your laziness” Amber Ray to Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife, Nicah

These streets are just not safe for females anymore.

You either fear getting attacked by the Boda guys or harassed by matatu people or worse get attacked by a fellow woman telling you why you cannot manage to keep a husband. Alaaar!

If you assumed physical assault would hurt more than verbal assault, then wait till you hear what Amber Ray told Nicah.

Amber Ray And Nicah

Well, it all started with Nicah who picked on ‘the speck out of Amber Ray’s eye,’ by shaming her for being a husband snatcher; forgetting there is a plank in her own eye – i.e bedroom photos with Weezdom.

However as entertaining it sounds, we couldn’t figure out where the beef was coming from; I mean they both have big boory, firm bodies and know how to keep their men entertained. So what’s the issue?

With Nicah claiming Amber Ray uses satanic powers to bag her men, we now have a come back from Amber – and damn – mlisema chills ni za fridge?

Anyway responding to her new nemesis, Amber clapped back by reminding Nicah why she was dumped by Dr Ofweneke for a younger lady. And according to Amber Ray, laziness is the reason the comedian walked out and moved on with Christine.

Amber Ray made this known via a post where she wrote;

Even when laziness is hidden behind prayers, it still shows when your husband leaves you for a hard worker and end up starting amazing shows like Dr. Ofweneke live.

Somebody take away this lady’s phone before things get out of hand. But again, where the popcorn at? cause this battle between Jesus girl and Amber the brand might end up with interesting exposè.

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