I’m Zuchu’s Husband – Diamond

Due to the romantic images and videos that Diamond Platnumz and his signee Zuchu frequently shared on their social media pages, internet users have recently been speculating that the two may be secretly warming each other’s beds.

Surprisingly, neither of them has ever denied or accepted the allegations.

Either they are riding the clout chasing wave that their song brought them or they really are an item.

Diamond And Zuchu
Diamond And Zuchu

Only time will tell.

Diamond just declared himself Zuchu’s husband.

Again, he knows what this will do in fanning the rumours of a relationship between him and his signee.

In an Instagram post uploaded on their page, the Wasafi record company praised the Jeje hitmaker for a spectacular performance in Portugal and said,

“He was born to entertain the world diamond platnumz live performance in Portugal”.

An excited Diamond responded to the post bragging,

“That’s Zuchu’s husband.”

In the viral videos that circulated online for the better part of last week, Diamond and Zuchu were seen suggestively grinding on each other.

His announcement comes days after the two alleged lovebirds were seen having the time of their lives at Zuchu’s home where Diamond had visited her for a private party.

In the videos Zuchu could be seen serenading Diamond as she sung her latest love song.

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