I’m Worth Ksh4.2 Billion! – KRG the Don

Kenyan rapper Karuga Kimani popularly known as KRG the Don has said he is worth Sh4.2 billion.

The rapper told Citizen TV that he is so rich and brainy that even if he slept for fifty years, no one could be as rich as him.

“My net worth, as I last checked a year a go, it was four point something billion. But I know it has increased since then due to my investments,” he said. 

Recently, a video doing rounds on social media depicted the rapper in his vehicle with so much money in cash. KRG said the money seen in the video was only Sh10 million.

KRG The Don
KRG The Don

“What was there was only Sh10 million. But there was plenty more that was not seen in the camera,” the rapper said. 

Revealing his source of income, the rapper said he has legitimate businesses which people don’t know are his, adding that he pays taxes. 

He said he is an established businessman and has different sources of income which are all legitimate. 

KRG said it is no one’s business how he makes his money. 

“Everybody has their own ways and their own brains. We are very smart people. I do businesses both locally and internationally. I might be here but I do a lot of things for people in different countries. I don’t have to explain to someone not unless you have a legit question or maybe you are from the authorities,” he said.  

According to him, if he keeps on explaining himself to someone, he will never finish. 

Further, KRG said he did not mean to look down on anyone when he said a man should not be with a woman if he earns less than Sh100, 000  a month. 

“Imagine I am helping the boy child. They can invest their little money to grow bigger. You know women speak softly but they say many things. They say a man without money is not a man. When you have money then you can focus on love,” he said. 

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