‘I’m Ready To Pay Ksh.4M Dowry For Prity Vishy,’ Singer Madini Classic Says

After trending online for a couple of days over his alleged relationship with upcoming content creator Prity Vishy, singer Madini Classic now claims to have doubled the damsels dowry to 4 million.

The musician, who has cut himself as a philanthropist, said he was already aware that Vishy’s dowry is capped at 2 million, but was throwing some Ksh.2M more, for giggles.

“Izi pekeake izi ni io pesa bro so kama natembea na 2 million kwa shingo, za kumpea tu yaani ni kama sweet to nanunua kwa duka, ata nitaongeza itakua 4 million.” Madini said as he fiddled with an array of bling.

Madini And Pritty Vishy

In early May, Vishy in an interview with Nicholas Kioko said that she was unwilling to settle for anything less than her 2 million bride price.

“My dowry is 2 million and I do not want cows it’s not a lot as you know your worth it’s a must you set your standards,”she said.

And it appears she didn’t have to wait too long because Madini, who claims to be intrigued by her mannerism and beauty is already eating from her hand.

“She’s real na kwa macho yangu she’s so beautiful and napenda bidii yake na pia izo time nimekua naye wajua mimi nasoma mwanamke kwa behaviours zake tukikutana na watu wengi place kuna watu wengi anajua kuji handle na pia anaheshimawajua mwanamke akikuheshimu ni kila kitu.” he said.

Madini was also quick to dismiss claims that their relationship is fictitious, saying that he has been in talks with Vishy in the last two months but has dated her for only two weeks.

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