‘I’m Oftenly Stopped From Using Male Washrooms’- Popular Cross-Dresser Kelvin Kinuthia

Popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has opened up on more challenges he’s facing as a cross-dresser. One of the most conspicuous ones is online trolls; which he claims he is now used to it.

At one time, he reached a point of contemplating to throw in the towel on his cross-dressing skits. But he was rejuvenated by the massive followers he was gaining every day.

At just 20 years, Kinuthia has already found his niche in entertaining netizens with his impeccable knowledge in ladies wear & make-up. He’s probably better than your girlfriend when it comes to wearing make-up. But all this comes at a cost.


Well, one of the biggest challenges of cross-dressing is obviously, you’ll be confused to be a person of the other gender. And if you take a look at Kinuthia’s social media, I bet you’ll confuse him for a woman. To top it up, he even shakes his bum for his fans. Some of us can’t even move our waists. But Kinuthia is out here making it easy peasy.

Anyway, during a recent interview with Diana Marua, Kinuthia divulged how he’s blocked from using men’s washrooms whenever he goes out.

”Juzi tulikuwa village market with my friends. Vile tulienda niliamua kuingia washroom. Ilikuwa ladies hapa, gents hapa. Kuenda kukata corner, kulikuwa na watu hao wenye huosha… Vile nilienda ku turn kuingia gents, he was like, excuse, excuse, ni hii side ingine…”

Kinuthia also added that he’s often grouped on ladies’ side when it comes to security check. These are among the numerous escapades he faces for his cross-dressing antics.

Watch his full interview video below;

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