I’m Not Interested In Marrying Samidoh-Karen Nyamu On Why He Doesn’t Post Her

Nominated Senator, Karen Nyamu has lifted the lid on why her baby daddy, Samidoh does not post her online despite having been in a relationship for years with two children together.

In a candid engagement with her fans, the lawmaker also added that she is comfortable enjoying intimacy, adding that getting married to the musician is not part of her plans and telling those interested in getting married to proceed and let her enjoy intimacy in peace.

It all began with the lawmaker posting a video of herself jamming to Samidoh’s ‘Twana’ hit song on TikTok.

Karen Nyamu

First came the question on why Samidoh has never posted her photos anywhere on his socials despite having been in a relationship with the Senator for years and having two children together.

“Lakini mbona Samidoh hajawahi pata courage ya kukuweka hata kwa timeline yake hako. Hiyo chocha yote alafu anakuhide kama njugu karanga. Why has Samidoh never had the courage to even post you on his timeline. After all the hype, he still hides you like roasted groundnuts)” asked another fan identified as Miriam Kaburo.

According the mother of three, the musician does not flaunt her on social media because he is a gentleman who respects his first wife, Edday.

“Very simple. He’s a gentleman and a very considerate man. He knows it will hurt the first lady (Edday). She deserves respect.” Nyamu responded.

Reacting to the video, a fan going by the moniker Safetyequipmentsplug told the lawmaker to accept her fate that the star will never marry her, writing:

“Acha kuforce issues.Samidoh will never marry you ata umzalie watoto kumi kama panya.(Stop forcing issues. Samidoh will never marry you even if you give him 10 children like a rat)”.

A ruthless Karen Nyamu fired back, dismissing the fan and confirming that getting married to the musician is the least of her worries as she is comfortable enjoying intimacy.

“Wewe olewa wacha mimi nikulwe tu (You get married, let me enjoy intimacy).” Wrote the lawmaker.

Samidoh is currently on a tour in the United States of America with a series of concerts lined up.

His baby mama, Karen Nyamu has kept his name trending for quite a while now, including faking a feud with Bernice Saroni who has been accompanying the star in his US tour.

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