Iko Kazi! Sonko Hiring Fashion Designer For Ksh.30k Per Month

After much haranguing online, flamboyant politician Mike Sonko seems to have yielded to pressure and has now decided to hire an official designer to help him pick out the perfect outfit for the day.

Mike Sonko has often been attacked for having a lousy fashion sense with many dragging his “Kamba roots” for his often drab and tacky fashion choices.

Sonko hiring fashion designer for Ksh.30k per month

Now, as if admitting his Ukambani roots have a role to play in his loud outfits, the former Nairobi Governor has asked his social media followers to help him find the perfect pair of shoes to go along with his blue suit – as he shops for an official designer.

“Good morning watu wangu. Si munajua mimi ni mkambodia na sisi upenda ku colour clash sana alafu sina designer mi ujichuzia. Hebu munichagulie ni viatu gani hapa zina match na hii suti,” he tweeted.

Sonko has also offered to pay Ksh.30,000 monthly to the lucky chap who will run his fashion desk.

“Na pia natafuta designer starting salo 30k monthly leave your phone number here. Since conmen might take advantage I will personally call you today once free. Kuweni na siku njema,” he added.

Kenyans have camped at the comment section outdoing each other on who understands fashion best as they battle to catch Sonko’s attention while at the same time publicly dropping their private phone numbers.

A lover of bright colors, showy rings and lurid sunglasses, Mike Sonko’s unorthodox fashion choices have made headlines for almost the entirety of the last decade.

Sonko has also proven to be a lover of dramatic fashion statements – specific haircuts and t-shirts emblazoned with messages he is passionately pushing at that particular moment in time.

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