“I Wish You Nothing But A Bad Life, Idiot!” Ex Wife To Mejja As He Celebrates Birthday

Mejja’s ex wife Milly Wairimu is one bitter woman and at this point, I believe fans really want to know what led to their breakup cause damn – this lady is just too bitter!

However I feel that it’s not everybody who gets to enjoy a peaceful breakup. But the again why? If you’re dumped, shouldn’t you move on…let it go…why hang on to something that pains you? Where else…unaeza rudi soko (lakini Si pande ya vitunguu ama Viatu) and still enjoy life?

Mejja And Ex - Girlfriend

Mejja’s ex jilted lover
Anyway if you ever wondered what a jilted lover carries herself then allow me to explain what Mejja’s ex wife did on his birthday.

Well, as fans celebrate Mejja who turns a year older today (May 23rd) his ex wife has joined the bandwagon – but unlike the rest wishing his favor and blessing as he turns older; Ex Milly wishes him the opposite and is not afraid of putting it out there for people to see.

Milly Wairimu made this public in a new post where she shared an old photo with the genge artist to which she captioned;

Happy birthday idiot i wish you nothing but bad life i mean you have to pay for your wicked ways jibambe

Mejja's Ex

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