“I Will Sleep with Your Dad and Close Friends if You Cheat on Me”: Sheila Kwambox

Former Big Brother Africa contestant Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox has shockingly claimed that she would sleep with her lover’s dad to effect revenge if they cheat on her.

In a three panel bare-it-all discussion on her youtube channel alongside radio host Kerry Martin and content creator Joyce Maina Kwambox applauded revenge seekers who have been cheated on.

The former BBA Noted that she would sleep with the father or very close relatives of her lover if they cheated on her.


She fist-bumped Kerry after he revealed that he had slept with his ex-girlfriend’s pal after he busted her cheating on him with a mubaba.

Kwambox said:

“If you really wanted to get to her, you should have banged her sister. Some people out here, you need to bang their relatives. Me I will shag your dad.”

Her comment caught Maina by surprise and she quipped:

“And make him a stepson.”

Kwambox went on to say:k

“I’m out here pumping blood, my blood is pumping for you. I’m sleeping with your dad, now I’m your mum.”

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