‘I Was Married To A Drug Addict At 19!’ – Huddah

Last night, socialite, Huddah Monroe had a few things she wanted to get off her chest. Things that left most of her friends shook.

The successful entrepreneur took to her insta stories to share what she dubbed as her biggest secret.

Huddah revealed that she was married for not one but four years at a tender age of 19 to a guy she didn’t reveal.

Huddah Monroe

That wasn’t all, the Huddah cosmetics CEO further added that the two didn’t get kids because her man was a drug addict.

“I was married for 4 years @ 19, we didn’t have a child and I divorced. Coz the man was a drug addict! I wasn’t famous so I didn’t need to advertise it! So I speak from experience. Not mocking y’all! Goodnight! That’s my biggest secret.” Read Huddah’s post.

Huddah’s revelations comes just days after she confessed to dating a Tanzanian man saying the two were set to get married soon.

The beauty was speaking in an interview with Tanzanian media but refused to say who the mysterious man is.

“Very soon, I’m dating someone in Tanzania,” she said.

Juma Jux And Huddah

Huddah laughed as the media asked if that man is Jux. She responded,

“hahaha I don’t know”

Huddah had been in Tanzania since last weekend to be with Juma Jux, but denied they are dating.

“Of course, Jux is a very good looking guy, and I know there are some women from here in Tanzania who are feeling very bad that oh Huddah has come maybe they have a crush on him and have been wanting a chance with him.”

Huddah insisted she and Jux are only friends despite rumors.

“I and Jux are just friends. We are not dating. So if it does come off like we are dating I’m sorry but you can’t expect to control a man and what he likes.”


“More importantly we are business partners we have been doing business for a very long time, it’s just that we have never put it online that we are business partners.”

When asked what kind of business Huddah has done with Jux, the Kenyan socialite said,

“A lot of businesses…”

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