“I was in Class 6 The Year You Were Born,” KRG Tells Alleged 19 Year Old Daughter

Kenyan dancehall artist and businessman KRG the Don has insisted that he believes he is not the father of 19 year old Yvonne Njoki.

KRG and Yvonne met up yesterday and had a discussion where he insisted that he was still in Primary School the year Yvonne was conceived.

“In 2002 I was 11 years old. There is no way I am your father. You were born in 2003 so it doesn’t add up. I was in class six in that particular year. My classmates can attest to that and I was not in Nairobi at that time.”

Krg the Don and his alleged daughter Yvonne Njoki

The musician added that in 2002 he was in Kilgoris and not in Nairobi as Yvonne’s mother claimed.

Krg said for the sake of Yvonne he is willing to go ahead with a paternity test since as a parent he understands how hard it is for a child to grow up not knowing their parents.

Yvonne’s mother claimed she met KRG the Don when she was young and he was working in Gikomba.

She shared that KRG accepted the pregnancy and even took care of the baby for the first few months before he met another girl and abandoned them. She claimed KRG was born in the 80’s and not in 1992 as he says.

The musician insisted he got his identification card in 2010 and he has never met Yvonne’s mother. He however promised that if the DNA results are positive, he will apologize and take responsibility.

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