‘I Was Called A Husband Snatcher!’ Milly Chebby

Milly Chebby has revealed the worst trolling she has ever received.

The content creator says when she first started dating Terence, she was cyberbullied for allegedly staying long without giving birth.

Speaking during an interview with Diana Bahati on her YouTube channel, she said;

“One day we took the kids out for a day of fun. After two weekends Terence posted the photos. I was trending, being told to give birth to my own kids, I was called a husband snatcher.

That I had not been able to give birth yet it had been 4 years since I got married. We were told kazi yetu ni kushinda tukiharibu vitanda.”

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

Sharing her own experience Diana Shared;

“I met Bahati’s daughter Mueni when she was around 3 years old. One day we took some photos and Bahati shared them on social media, I then shared the photos on my Instagram but I wasn’t ready for the kind of insults I received.

Some people told me to go give birth to my own kids, Others told me to drag Bahati to bed, climb on him and get myself pregnant. I was even called a witch.”

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