‘I Want My Dowry Returned ‘ – KRG The Don Now Demands

Kenyan gengetone artist and entrepreneur KRG the Don wants to be reimbursed by his ex-wife’s family after they went their separate ways last year.

The 31 year old spewed a few reasons on why they split up with ex-wife Linah. One of the reasons being she rolled with chokoraas

”She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras,”KRG stated.

KRG also blamed Linah’s sister for contributing to the separation. They together for several years and were already blessed with two kids.

KRG and his Ex- Wife
KRG and his Ex- Wife

He recently went on a rant on social media to warn the sister; identified as Racheal Kiruthi, against seeing his kids in school.

”Racheal Kiruthi let me just warn you!!Next time when you go to visit your daughter (Riyah); at school never ever go near my kids (Naville n Naem) ever again!!
Concentrate on your family and let my family be at peace that we enjoy after dealing with all the nonsense you and your family made us go through….”

After Linah went her way, KRG believes that the dowry he paid to Linah’s family should be returned back to him.

This was through a recent interview on SPM Buzz. Watch the full video below as they debated on the issue;

Souurce: Ghafla

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