I Want A baby With Madini Classic – Pritty Vishy

Stivo SimpleBoy’s ex-lover, Pritty Vishy has come out to reveal that she wants a baby with her new catch, musician Madini Classic.

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko, Vishy openly told Madini that she has a baby fever and that she is ready for a mini Pritty Vishy.

This happened when the two were asked to shower each other with sweet words and Vishy was not going to waste her time as she let the ‘Bingo bango’ singer know what she wants.

Madini And Pritty Vishy

“Babe I hope the energy which you started with will continue to flow. Secondly just know that I love you and I mean it thirdly I have baby fever. I have baby fever I need a baby,” said Vishy.
The two took the opportunity to confirm the ongoing rumors that they were seeing each other and that love keeps blossoming each and every new day.

But how and where did it all begin?

“I am the one who approached Pritty Vishy I remember I had seen her online, had read her stories and also I had watched her YouTube channel and I loved how real she was and her self belief. That’s when I decided to DM her and asked for her number and that’s how we started talking,” said Madini.

Pritty says Madini DMed her the same period Sossuun did and in her mind she thought he wanted to feature her in his music.

Madini says he never in his wildest dreams saw them developing feelings towards each other but it all developed naturally. The two have been talking for months before they started dating a few weeks ago.
But what does he love in Vishy?

“I love the fact that she is real andin my eyes she is so beautiful. I love her hard work and I love how she handles herself in front of people and the fact that she respects me,” Madini said.

For Vishy, she loves that he is handsome, how he handles her, his caring nature and that he is a good soul in general.

“I am enjoying the company I am enjoying the new thing ’cause I am getting something I never got from the previous relationship at least. So even for me I can confidently say that I am loved and I am in love.”

A while back, Vishy made news when she said that any man who will want her hand in marriage will have to cough up to Sh2M in dowry.

Asked if he would be willing to pay that to marry Vishy, Madini bragged that his jewelry cost Sh2Million and that he would actually pay Sh4M for her.

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