I Used To Walk From Kisumu To Kakamega To Preach- Eric Omondi

During a break from filming of Wife Material 2021, Eric Omondi told Kenyans he got saved.

He shared his news on Instagram saying,

“Today as I attended my Pastor’s daughter’s (Pastor Martin Mbandu) burial in Kitale something Magical happened. All the Major Bishops in Kenya called on me and spoke very deep and powerful prayers over my life and I said AMEN.”

Omondi made the step during a burial ceremony of his childhood friend identified as Catherine Achayo Mbandu,30, who passed on on February 20, 2022.


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The event was streamed live on Youtube on Thursday, March 3.

And in a new interview with Eve Mungai, Eric Omondi has now confessed he began his spiritual journey back in high school.

He told the YouTuber that he walked around a lot during his humble beginnings in Kisumu.

Eric Omondi

“I was a preacher in school Kisumu boys high.

I used to walk when I was in form three I was a preacher because the school were along the road, I wanted to target every high school between Kisumu and Kakamega.”

A very proud Eric told that his goal at the time was to spread the word. and capture as many followers of Christ.

Eric first got saved in August 2002.

“I gave my life to Christ on August 8, 2002, and the pastor was an encouragement to me. I served with pastor Rachel in the choir and I taught Cathy in Sunday school.

At the service when I met the pastor, he told me, ‘you need to rejuvenate, reevaluate and rededicate your life to God,” he said.

Eric also told Eve Mungai that he will do bigger things this year including driving his dream car.

Eric then showed off a Range Rover Vogue that costs Ksh 12 million.

“I told God one day I want to drive a Range Rover.”

“So when I got a little bit of cash I bought a Mercedes I still didn’t feel like I was okay. My first car was an Alion then the second car was a bluebird, then my third car was a Mercedes then finally I bought that Range Rover.

I have stayed with it for 7 years. But I love it, I can never sell it I can never give it away I will repair it so that my grandkids can see that I owned my first Range Rover. But this has always been the dream.”

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