‘I Promise To Respect Women’-Weezdom Apologizes To Ex-Girlfriend Mylee Staicey

Former gospel artist Weezdom has taken the bull by it’s horns and decided to settle his predicaments with gorgeous ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey.

The duo, who have been in a despicable on & off relationship over the years, have now decided to end things peacefully between them.

But we won’t be surprised if they’ll be back together again, very soon.

Weezdom 2


They recently dissolved their relationship and Weezdom went on a public rant to blame Mylee for their fall-out. He termed her as a cheap wh0re who was sleeping around with his male friends.

In support to this sentiments, Weezdom’s current girlfriend, Manzi wa TRM(Carol), reiterated that Mylee was indeed sleeping around with other numerous guys. She happens to be a close friend of Mylee Staicey.

Weezdom has now come clean to apologise to Mylee for making negative statements about her. Through his Instagram, he admitted being petty & emotional as he penned a detailed apology;

”Dear Fam..I Know That I’m one of the most Misunderstood Guys in This Country But Today I Want to Accept my Mistakes Of Being Petty And Emotional! Demeaning The Woman of my Life Ambaye Tumepitia Mengi Na Familia Zetu Kujuana ila Everytime Tukikosana inakuwa Kwa Public!!Sio Poaa…”

I Don’t Care if We’ll Ever Be Back Together But I Just Want To Apologize And Promise To Respect Women Who I’ve Ever Been With… And All Women No Matter The Case🙏 I’M SORRY Mylee Staicey🙏”

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