I Once Regretted Having My Daughter-Jackie Matubia’s Dark Period

Jackie Matubia was recently a guest on Diana Marua’s cooking show.

The two had a long conversation that touched on facets of Jackie’s life that most people don’t know about.

One of the areas was how the actress had really struggled to get an acting job after giving birth to her first daughter. She said,

The child came, now I am ready to go back to work. The baby’s going to 5 months but that’s when I got a crazy depression. I used to cry on a daily basis.

You go for auditions but guys don’t want to hire you cause they know where I used to work (at Tahidi High). And those people paid well. So the guys auditioning you don’t want to pay that.

jackie matubia pregnant

She added that that period had been the toughest one in her life, even having regrets about having her beautiful daughter.

“Coming back for women after giving birth is really hard in this industry. It got to a point where I was looking at my child and wondering, ‘Why did I have you?’ My career has stopped etc. This was my lowest moment. It was a tough time.

But despite that fleeting thought, Jackie didn’t lose hope and pushed herself for her daughter’s sake.

“You cry yourself to sleep and wake up the strongest woman because you have a child looking at you for their providence.”

Jackie’s family was also there for her with her mother being a constant source of support for her. She also said that things got so bad, she was even willing to do an 8-5 job at the time.

“My mom came and prayed for me. She told me that one day you’ll have a breakthrough. Even after one year, nothing had changed. It reached a place I told my friends I was ready to work in an office job. I even went to China for business.”

Things would pick up when she came back to Kenya as she got a job at Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja’s new film production company where she worked as a producer.

“While there they gave me a ‘casual’ role to play in one of their shows. It turned out to be a blessing as the public really connected with it.”


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That was the start of a purple patch for her as her several side hustles which she had started also flourished.

She concluded by saying that most Kenyans should be encouraged by her story of resilience and realise that even celebs go through a lot.

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