I Missed An Endorsement Because I Didn’t Have A Car – Jua Cali

Legendary Genge singer Jua Cali has revealed details of how he was denied a corporate gig because he did not own a car back then. 

It was in 2004 when the rapper was called for an interview with two others to endorse a popular product. 

Jua Cali says he took a matatu from his home in Eastlands and then trekked from Nairobi City Center to Valley Road, where the interview was happening. 

Jua Cali: How I missed an endorsement because I didn't have a car

Upon getting to the interview, one of the panelists directly asked him what kind of car he was driving.

“Meeting ilikua ya mtu tatu, mimi na madam flani wawili. So the 1st question niliulizwa ni ‘What car do you drive?’ I swear to God I’am not lying, Yo!! Hio swali ilinipata off-guard coz in my head I was like, hii swali iko na connection gani na hii campaign? Ama hawa wasee waliniona kwa dirisha nikitembea wanajaribu kunipima? But anyway nilikua truthful nikajibu ‘I don’t own a car actually I came here using a matatu’ so nikaulizwa swali zingine related na music but siezi ata zikumbuka,” Jua Cali narrated. 

After the interview, he was told not to contact the organization; instead, they would reach out to him if he made the cut. 

Going back home, the rapper narrated to his family the experience, and was certain he had missed the gig. However, his mom and others encouraged him to be optimistic. 

“Kufika home kila mtu alikua anangoja the good news, sadly nikawaambia ‘sioni tukitoboa’ but naeza kumbuka my mum na mum wa Clemo wakiniambia ‘tulia your time is coming’. After a few months ma-billboard zilianza kutoka na hao wasanii wengine hapa ndio tukajua hatuna chetu. The most important thing we believed so much in ourselves we never gave up tukaendelea na grind kurelease songs.”

“Mungu ni nani after like 2 years I became the brand ambassador for Motorola na hivyo ndio vile journey yangu ya the corporate world ilianza.”

Jua Cali went on to become one of the most celebrated Genge musi stars. 

For the past few days, the rapper has been recounting his early days and experiences in the music industry, narrating how his journey to stardom began.

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