“I Have Always Been The First To Apologize” Akothee vows Never To Settle

Akothee has had 10 years of therapy to help deal with some issues from her past and now that she is stronger – the lady says she will not be allowing toxic energy around her aura.

Well – it hasn’t been easy dealing with a baby daddy that wasn’t supportive during her struggling days; to family members who feel they deserve a cut in her wealth now that she has money.


Speaking about this experience, Akothee earlier today shared a post where she wrote;

Now I know I am not the problem. For a long time I have fell a victim in the hands of mean family members ,I have always been the first one to say sorry even when they are on the wrong , wait ,it dint take a week before I was crying again 💔💔🙏 hurting again , 😢

According to the lady some of her family members are well known takers and if not handed what they want – the relationship becomes bitter. Like it’s her place to provide and fulfill their every need and if not – there’s bad blood.

It took me 10 years of therapy ,crying and trying to figure out what else can I do 💪, then I realised Ooh Esther takers have no shame Guvers must creat boundaries 👏👏👏 today I can tell you for free ,I have blocked doors to even the closest family member , people I THOUGHT I couldn’t do without , people I EDUCATED and seen through life .and I don’t feel guilty about it . I am at peace and happy👏👏 .

But at 40 years, the mother of 5 has learnt that she owes no one anything not even her own kids! With the knowledge she now has, no one can guilt trip her even if it means becoming rivals.

AT 40 I cant afford to loose my sleep over lost envy in the name of rivalry . There is no rivalry Call it JELOUSY PERIOD 🙏We can be in a family gathering and I don’t get carried away by the fact that ooh we are together ,shit ,I suffered and not going back . No hello ,no nothing ,not even them attending to forget about my wedding but even my burial .

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