I Don’t Entertain Insecurity- Akothee Commands Nelly Oaks To Publicly Declare Her As His Wife

For years now, Akothee has not been able to find a man to settle with, not just yet. But she’s deeply in love with her former manager, Nelly Oaks.

Without a doubt, the two have been having a romantic relationship and Akothee has on several occasions showed that she’s into him.

From the numerous times she has gushed and had a good time with him, it’s needless to say Akothee is now ready for her new man.

Akothee And Nelly Oaks

That being said, we also have to admit that Nelly Oaks is in love. He has been with Akothee through thick & thin- literally.

You’d vividly remember he was by Akothee’s side when she was admitted in hospital. Not once, not twice. And this is one of the things Akothee admires most about Nelly.

”I will still choose you KING in any other given chances 💋
Thank you Lord for the gift of life and a loving husband, I have nothing to give baba Elizabeth @nellyoaks may God bless you abundantly for taking my bulshit 🙏 The hospital would be prison without you . I had my world with me ,that gave me easy time to recover, I will protect and love you as longs as Our love is protected by The blood of Jesus 🙏.”

Akothee recently turned 41 but despite their age difference, they’re ready to take their relationship a notch higher. And this is why Akothee wants to be declared publicly as Nelly Oaks’s wife.

As a matter of fact, she wants their photo on a billboard! She wrote on her Instagram;

”Hii imeweza na billboard? @nellyoaks
He must announce that I am his wife ! I don’t entertain insecurity 🤣🤣🤣”

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