‘I Coughed Up Blood,” TikToker Who Ate A Bat In Viral Video Reveals

Aq9ine a popular food blogger and Tiktoker says he suffered serious health issues after he cooked and ate a bat.

A viral video of him eating a bat went viral a few weeks ago.

Aq9ine alias the King of Muguka is known for cooking ugali using various soda rands and then adding Muguka leaves for taste.


Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, the TikToker said he ate the bat after his fans dared him.

He said that after eating that bat, he developed weird side effects, and it was something that had never happened to him before.

“I was born to risk and I was sure bat meat could not harm me,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it came with effects. After four days, my voice broke and I had severe flu. I don’t believe it’s Covid. People eat bats in Africa. I was afraid while eating.”

He said he tried to take medicines but nothing changed instead the situation got worse and he smoked bhang.

“My medicine is marijuana and that is what I used. After two days my voice broke and had some sore throat but after smoking weed for two days least things changed.”

He said he would continue smoking bhang till he heals completely.

Asked if he had had stomach issues before, he said avocado, boiled eggs, and pepper gave him a running stomach for three days.

“I will not stop creating content since it’s how I make money and I research before I do any video,” he said.

“I will quit after I get serious health issues or even get admitted to the hospital.

Eating a bat or mole was not that serious.”

He said his fans should wait for his next cuisine which will include an instructional video on how to cook a snake.

“I don’t want to die but just entertain my fans.

Expect what you don’t expect but there are so many ideas,” he said.

Aq9ine is an engineer by profession and currently doing plumbing jobs in Meru county.

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