‘I am broke’ – Juliani Appeals For Help To Help Buy Diapers

Kenyan rapper Juliani has responded to netizens constant comparison of him and former Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

Juliani is dating Lilian Ng’ang’a who was previously dating Mutua hence the constant comparison.

The award winning rapper has now taken to his socials to sarcastically post about being broke asking Kenyans to contribute cash to help him buy diapers for his son with Lilian.

“Wase! Nikubaya niko BROKE! mtoi anahitaji pampers. Please send mpesa. Paybill: Business number – 784577 Account- Juliani Chochote unaeza itasaidia. Yours truly, Struggling rapper/entrepreneur.” Tweeted Juliani



Days ago Lilian had responded to Netizens who questioned why she left a wealthy Mutua for a struggling Juliani.

“Mamangu akifanya makosa kama hii then niteseke bandage tunaweza kosana mbaya sana. Yaani I had the chance to be born with a silver spoon na wewe nyege zako zikakupeleka kwa mvuta bangi Dandora.” Stated a Tweep

To which Lilian responded

“Just seen some shallow story that yall trying to drag me into…kwani hamchoka ngiendeeleni tu..let me proceed with my day with my little boy…”

Juliani And Lilian Nganga

Lilian added

“Having control over your time is the greatest currency”

Speaking to Presenter Ali, Juliani expressed how grateful he was to become a dad again. He also spoke about his new experience with his son saying it was different from when he was raising a daughter.

“I have two children. A girl and a boy. I welcomed a baby boy recently with Lilian Ng’ang’a,” he said.

Juliani also stated that he did not want to tell the public about it yet but he was super excited about that.

“I did not want to say much about it but we got a baby so I am a father of two. The truth is as a father to baby boy, you are not involved as much.”

The pair wed at Paradise Lost on February 2, 2022, in the presence of close family and friends.

The guest list had less than 50 people. It was during that time that her fans noticed that she was expecting a baby.

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