Huddah Monroe Narrates How Self Pleasure Made Her Lose Interest In Men

Have you ever lost interest in the opposite $ex after realizing you could do it all by yourself? Fulfill your $exual desires without having to follow the other person around like some toddler?

There’s rapid growth of the ‘tools’ to facilitate the same and the market is expanding fast.

Some people opt to take this route. But how will it affect your sexual life in the long run?

Well, for some like Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, it was a very risky move that placed her relationship in jeorpady.

The damsel, known for her courage in sharing explicit details about her $exual life, has shared via her Instagram how she hated men during her self-pleasure period.

”Remember those days I used to snap sh*t about men? I was pleasing myself. And I couldn’t see no value in men lol! Sick sh*t! …

Huddah Monroe

”I don’t masturbate. I tried few times and trust me. I hated men! I lost all my desire for men. My man couldn’t make me cum unless he fvcks me for 3 hrs. So I stopped threw all toys and started using my fingers. He just needs to rub his d*k on me. And I’m like a waterfall now. Don’t play with batteries. ”

Huddah Monroe

Despite Huddah’s erotic talk. not much is known about who she gets intimate with. She has managed to keep her man under wraps successfully for a long period. But it’s in black & blue she always has someone to warm her bed.

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