Huddah Monroe Hints At Enlarging Her Butt Soon (Screenshot)

Butt & breast enlargement has become more pronounced among women nowadays to make them look more attractive to men. Some prefer to use pills while others go under the knife.

From Vera Sidika, to voluptuous socialite Lady Risper, their big behinds are conspicuously what their doctors gave them.

Vera is well-known for her modifications that immensely changed her look. She’s a whole different person now, compared to her early youthful days.

Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe
Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe

Socialite Huddah might now be joining the surgery club. This is after she declared her interest in having a South African a$$.

Even though most men like popular street dancer Moya David have a huge crush on her with her slim thick physique; Huddah seems dissatisfied with her butt size.

Huddah shared via her Instagram stories about her wish to go under the knife to get her butt modified before leaving South Africa.

”I must have a South African ass before I leave here lol! The a$$ be it’s on person wena😍😍😍”


Huddah has also undergone immense change over the years, with the use of her skin care products. Known for her raunchy photos, Huddah will definitely flaunt her butt after she undergoes an enlargement.

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