Huddah Monroe Discloses She’s Dating & Ready To Get Married

Flamboyant socialite Huddah Monroe is officially off market & already seeing someone. The exquisite Kenyan socialite is currently on a business trip in Tanzania, where she’s spending most of her time with musical star Juma Jux.

The two have been sharing raunchy videos of each other, and passionate kisses that suggested they’re an item. But Huddah went ahead to rubbish the speculations and maintained that she & Jux are just friends.

The exquisite socialite has now disclosed that she’s on the verge of getting married to a Tanzanian man- whom she was reluctant to disclose his name: leading to speculations that it may be Juma Jux. Anyway, at the same time, this is what she had to say about her relationship with Juma Jux:

“hahaha I don’t know…

“Of course, Jux is a very good looking guy, and I know there are some women from here in Tanzania who are feeling very bad that oh Huddah has come maybe they have a crush on him and have been wanting a chance with him…

Juma Jux And Huddah

“I and Jux are just friends. We are not dating. So if it does come off like we are dating I’m sorry but you can’t expect to control and man and what he likes.”

She continued to state that she’s looking forward to marriage:

“Very soon, I’m dating someone in Tanzania,”

Huddah doesn’t believe in social media relationships. And that’s why we’ll probably not be seeing her man soon.

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