How Wajackoyah Answered Voter Who Said Marijuana Ruined Her Son’s Life

Roots Party Presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoya has answered voters who are apprehensive about the legalization of marijuana in Kenya.

While appearing on national TV on Wednesday, a voter questioned the effects of marijuana on the youth of Kenya, saying that her son had ruined his life through the use of marijuana.

“Bangi has destroyed my son’s life. He was a normal young man performing well in school but bangi has taken away his youth and now at 23, he does nothing with his life, a liability to himself and the whole family. It pains me deeply when people joke about weed,” the voter posed.

George Wajackoya

While responding to the question, Prof. Wajackoyah noted that marijuana use is not a greater vice, saying it is no worse than poverty and alcoholism.

“I sympathize with her just as I sympathize with those in Mathare Valley, other drug addicts in rehabilitation centres, just as I sympathize with those men who drink whiskey and cause accidents on the road. There is no exception, we should not say it’s only marijuana, the abuse of anything is serious.

“The issue here is that we have a class war and we also need decolonisation and I’m not talking only about that lady, everything needs to be regulated, everything has to observed, standards have to be set. When you look at Jamaica which has legalized, it has the least number of mad people as compared to Kenya which has over three million,” Prof. Wajackoya explained.

Wajackoya planning to introduce snake farming for medical use and export

The presidential candidate has also revealed he intends to bank on snake and marijuana farming to clear the national debt.

The professor said snake farming will also be vital for the extraction of venom which will be used in the making of antivenoms to be used in hospitals.

“We are introducing snake farming in the country so that we can extract snake poison for the purposes of medication. A lot of people are bitten by snakes in this country and you have to wait for doses from outside the country through pharmaceutical cooperation,” Wajackoyah said on the JKL Show on Wednesday.

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