How Papa Shirandula Actor Njoro Has Sustained His 27-Year Marriage

Papa Shirandula actor Kennedy Gichoya alias Njoro has opened up on what has sustained his marriage of 27 years.

The father of three says forgiveness, and understanding each other have been very pivotal.

Njoroge met his wife back in high school, they moved in together immediately after high school after he made her pregnant.


Speaking during an interview with Ala C, Njoro shared,

“Most times when people get married they like about who they are. Once you get married you learn from each other and learn to forgive each other.

When, Our second born is in campus and our last born still lives with us. you understand her you love her for who she is. In those 27 years, I have seen a lot of things. Our firstborn works in Thika.


Always try and apologize because postponing doesn’t mean you won’t say it. Postponing also gives the devil a chance.”

His advice to people who are newly married, or who have found themselves pregnant when not ready.

“Responsibilities are very important, it helps you reason when faced with issues. Don’t run away from the responsibilities God will provide. There is never a right or wrong time to get married. You might rush and end up with the wrong person.”

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