How fraudster Used Eliud Kipchoge To swindle lover

Isaac Cherobon, a fraudster who deceived a woman he met on the streets, is awaiting sentencing after he pleaded guilty to theft charges.

Cherobon stands accused of stealing a mobile phone worth Sh9,500 from Celestine Mukui, in violation of Section 268 (1) as read with Section 275 of the Penal Code.

He took her to a bar where they had drinks before he stole her phone while purporting to be calling marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge to send him money.

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The incident occurred at a bar in Maringo Estate, Nairobi, on April 7.

Cherobon’s scheme began when he met Ms. Mukui while walking along Likoni Road in Nairobi. He asked for directions to Jogoo Police Station, claiming he had a parcel to collect there.

The two started walking together, but Cherobon soon informed Mukui that the person with the parcel had left for the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices.

Cherobon requested Mukui’s phone number and promised to call her later for a drink after collecting the parcel.

They parted ways, with plans to meet outside a police station later that day.

On April 7th, Cherobon called Mukui, handed her an envelope and instructed her to keep it safe as it contained cheques for athletes.

They then proceeded to a club.

Upon arrival at the bar, they ordered drinks. Cherobon borrowed Mukui’s phone, claiming he needed to call Eliud Kipchoge, and then left the pub, supposedly to meet the marathoner outside.

However, he disappeared, leaving Mukui stranded with a bill of Sh950. She waited for hours but eventually explained her situation to the bar staff and left.

On September 15, Ms Mukui encountered Cherobon near the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Jogoo Road branch and promptly informed police officers stationed there. Cherobon was arrested and taken to Jongoo Police Station.

While Cherobon admitted to stealing the phone, he denied the theft of the drinks. He remains in custody until September 22, when the prosecution is set to present the case facts, potentially leading to his conviction and sentencing.

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